A collection inspired by the honey bee, or L'abeille in French.

All products are made with the finest organic cotton and are made to our highest product quality standards - double stitched for durability, flat stitched to eliminate irritating inner seams, iron-on labels so there's no itchy tags, highest quality snaps and zips, and ergonomically designed for the comfort of your baby.

The important pollination work of the Honey Bee is crucial to the growth of fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, and to the beautiful plants and flowers that surround us.  L'Abeille is a celebration of the Honey Bee and their role in preserving and beautifying the world of our children.

The hues we have chosen for L'Abeille remind us of the flowers upon which Honey Bees like to land.  Like the striped pattern which adorns the Bee, our complimentary pattern this season is a stripe in coordinating colours.  Inspired by the art of French ticking, our stripes bring a crisp, French touch to the collection which pays tribute to one of the Earth's most important insects: L'Abeille