About Us

Thank you so much for your interest in Sapling.

We are a proud Australian-born company, now based in the US, that specializes in 100% organic cotton baby clothes. We are currently growing our product offerings to include other beautiful eco friendly items as well.

Established in 2011, Sapling Child was born not long after our third child. Diagnosed with meningitis when he was only a few weeks old, he was a very sensitive baby, and while he overcame his illness quickly, we were determined to source organic baby clothes for him without compromising on style.

At the time, there was a growing number of baby clothes made with organic cotton, but we found many of them were printed with non-organic dyes which were not only bad for the environment, but also for babies’ sensitive skin. We also found that most organic baby products were ‘earthy’ in design, which made sense but greatly limited choice for parents who were more style conscious like ourselves.

With Sapling we wanted to make beautiful baby clothes that were truly organic, and we wanted to make them as comfortable and as practical as possible.

Our prints are all exclusive to Sapling. We use a soft palette of colours, and we try to make our nature inspired prints fun and whimsical and hopefully in some small way they will remind you of your own childhoods.

All of our garments are made with the softest, most luxurious 100% organic cotton, and proudly made in India under fair trade terms and conditions.

We ensure that the cotton is sourced organically from farms that are sensitive not only to their environmental impact, but also to the social impact and health of their farmers. The cotton is knitted in organic factories, and printed with organic water-based dyes that are free from toxic chemicals and heavy metals.

Buying organic is a better choice for the environment, a safer choice for the health of farmers, and a softer and safer choice for babies’ sensitive skin.

Finally, at Sapling we are dedicated to quality – we continuously search for ways to make the finest quality and most comfortable baby clothing possible. Everything is double stitched. We use flat seam stitching on side seams so that there’s no irritating inner seams. We use chemical-free iron-on labels to ensure no itchy tags. Our garments have been designed for your babies’ comfort – with wider hips for extra nappy room and extra length in cuffs for room to grow. We use only the best quality snaps and zips, carefully placed for easy changing.

We truly believe that we offer the finest quality baby clothing available anywhere in the world. Why? Because we care about the little things.

To learn more about our product design and quality, view our product quality page here.

We hope you enjoy our range.

Charlie, Peta and the Sapling family